Redirect to the Remote Web Access pages (/RDWeb)


If you have published Remote Desktop Web Access out of the box, and you visit
http(s)://<url for remote desktop web access>, you’ll be presented with the IIS welcome page:
IIS Welcome page

To prevent this you need to redirect the root to /RDWeb.

On the RD Web Access server(s) open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (it’s under Administrative Tools).
Expand the tree and click Default Web Site, then open the “HTTP Redirect” app:
HTTP Redirect
Fill in the redirect path, don’t forget to check “Only redirect requests to content in this directory”, and click apply.

That’s it. No need to reset IIS. This is tested to be working on Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2 versions of RD Web Access.

As an added bonus, HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS as well.


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How to deploy Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2 Certificates using internal CA #RDS

Hi –  It’s me, Al

Blog post updated: July 19th 2017

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) on Windows Server 2012 R2 is now on market since a while. Let’s have a look at the 2012 R2 Certificate configuration (for a Lab).

First we have to create a template on the internal Certificate Authority (CA). We use a Workstation Authentication Template for that. Open your CA Manager – Cartificate Templates – Manage

Duplicate the “Workstation Authentication” Template.

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Replacing the IWSVA Admin Web Interface SSL Certificate


Since documentation on this by Trend Micro is pretty sparse and I’ve had to do this on a number of systems recently, I’ll document the process of replacing or adding a certificate for the IWSVA Admin Web Console with a new CA-signed one here.

Note: This documentation is NOT for replacing the IWSVA SSL-Inspection certificate, though similarities may exist.
I’ve done this successfully on IWSVA 5.6 and 6.5, the process should work without issues on IWSVA 6.0 as well.

The whole process of requesting/creating/converting the SSL certificate described here mainly involves openssl commands and can be done from the IWSVA root shell. I also generally recommend to create at least the certificate public/private key pair always on the system that will in the end host the certificate. This reduces the risk of getting the private key compromised when you create key pairs on a different system and then have to…

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InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance (IWSVA) 6.5 performance problem

We had some trouble with IWSVA to use the full download speed from our internet connection. Downloads are limit to 5 MB per second and not faster. After contactig support and a remote session. The support send me this solution. After this, we can use our full internet speed with IWSVA   [Findings] From @sysctl.conf … Continue reading InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance (IWSVA) 6.5 performance problem

InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance (IWSVA) 6.5 default password

Hamdan2020 Blog

After downloading latest software and patch for TrendMicro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance (IWSVA) 6.5 SP2 ( latest version ) on 25 Nov 2015 at URL –>

This website actually for those have proper Trend License only.The worst case part is Trend micro itself not telling everybody about default password .BTW,

Here is default username : admin 

password is “adminIWSS85″

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