Linux Kernel 4.13 change standard mount options for smb 1


good news. You are using Linux with Kernel 4.13 so that can happend that you get a mount error by mounting a smb share. Why happend this?
You are mounting a SMB 1 share.

Since Kernel 4.13 it will be tried to mount with version 3.

See git commit


You should use SMB in Version 2.1 or higher

SMB 1.0 is broken, see blog post from Microsoft




Linux Dateisystem anzeigen

Wollte gerade mal wissen, was den Xubuntu gerade verwendet.

sudo blkid -o list -w /dev/null

device fs_type label mount point UUID
/dev/sda1 ntfs System-reserviert (not mounted) 86BC23BCBC23A621
/dev/sda2 ntfs /media/moep/96C82613C825F1E3 96C82613C825F1E3
/dev/sda5 swap 5e999311-4755-4e4a-abad-baec83c614c9
/dev/sda6 ext4 / d1fe1a90-ca86-4180-8759-e00a0f5cb89f