jenkins you have requested strict checking ssh git server issue

Jenkins sometimes a little bit strange but it works at is.

you have addes a new ssh key and you got following error “you have requested strict checking”

Under configuration “Global Security” scroll down and choose what you need

look a the screen snipet, this config works well.

suse tumbleweed remove package

zypper remove package

will not work you got an error like this

In case ‘exmaple’ is not a typo it’s probably not a built-in command, but provided as a subcommand or plug-in (see ‘zypper help subcommand’).
In this case a specific package providing the subcommand needs to be installed first. Those packages are often named ‘zypper-exmaple’ or ‘zypper-exmaple’.

solution is

zypper remove -u package

Compile Apache Tomcat

how to install manually

but we want to compile itself and build a deb package

we need java and ant

apt-get install ant

Choose your version as source code in our example we use 9.0.64

extract the folder and you can run /usr/bin/ant in the extraced tomcat folder after a frew seconds you can find your compiled tomcat under the folder /output/build

apt build-dep tomcat9

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -uc -us

#!/bin/bash -xe
# sudo gem install fpm
# sudo apt-get install curl
# # Put this script in a folder called tomcat-packaging
# ./ 7.0.40
# ./ 6.0.37
rm -rf ./usr/local/*
mkdir -p ./usr/local/share/
pushd ./usr/local/share/
curl "${MAJOR}/v${VERSION}/bin/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}.tar.gz" | tar -xz
cd ..
rm -f *.deb
fpm -n tomcat${VERSION_} \
-v ${VERSION}-0custom1 \
-d default-jre \
-a all \
–vendor apache \
–license 'Apache Version 2.0' \
-C tomcat-packaging/ \
-m "DSI <>" \
-t deb \
-s dir \
–config-files usr/local/share/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}/conf/web.xml \
–config-files usr/local/share/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}/conf/context.xml \
–config-files usr/local/share/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}/conf/catalina.policy \
–config-files usr/local/share/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}/conf/ \
–config-files usr/local/share/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}/conf/tomcat-users.xml \
–config-files usr/local/share/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}/conf/ \
–config-files usr/local/share/apache-tomcat-${VERSION}/conf/server.xml \
–description "Apache Tomcat is an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies." \
–url '' \
# Add these?
# –pre-install ./tomcat.preinstall \
# –post-install ./tomcat.postinstall \
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