vmware converter permission to perform this operation was denied

User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode

This affects how UAR works and can block remote local admin connections.
This can be changed in Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options
Set it to Disabled, requires a reboot


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WSUS MMC (Konsole) Reset

Windows SBS and Essentials Blog

Stellt man in der WSUS Konsole unter Update Services / WSUS Servername / Updates / All Updates die Anzeige des Status von Failed or Needed auf Any, kann es dazu kommen das die WSUS Konsole nicht mehr in der Lage ist alle vorhandenen Updates an zu zeigen, was sich in einem Timeout darstellt.

Unglücklicher Weise merkt sich die WSUS Konsole diese Einstellung und so ist es nicht mehr so einfach möglich zur alten Anzeige zurück zu kehren. Daher habe ich mit dem Process-Monitor von Sysinternals mir die WSUS MMC angeschaut und festgestellt, dass die Einstellungen beim beenden der MMC in folgendem Verzeichnis abgelegt werden.


Löscht man die Datei wsus im Verzeichnis …

del %USERPROFILE%appdataroamingmicrosoftmmcwsus

… dann startet die WSUS Konsole wieder mit den Standard-Einstellungen.


Enjoy it, b!

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Debian upgrade from 7 to 8 syslog-ng.service start request repeated too quickly, refusing to start

You have upgraded from Debian 7 to Debian 8 and you are usign syslog-ng.

You will be in a little bit in trouble with syslog-ng

You can check this with systemctl status syslog-ng.service

syslog-ng.service start request repeated too quickly, refusing to start

syslog-ng service is not starting.

Check your local config file search after ” unix-stream(“/dev/log”);”

People with custom syslog-ng configurations will most likely face upgrade problems due to the unix socket type mismatch between systemd and syslog-ng old configuration file:

  • systemd creates /dev/log as unix-dgram
  • syslog-ng < 3.2.5 expected /dev/log to be unix-stream (configuration file)

If you use ‘unix-stream (“/dev/log”)’ in one of your log messages sources, you will need to manually change it to ‘unix-dgram (“/dev/log”)’.

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WCCPv2 and Squid-cache v3.1, a nice couple.

CCIE, the beginning!

WCCP protocol can be much more interesting than the two commands needed for the CCIE exam. In this lab we will deploy a basic end-to-end solution using IOS 15.2S and the well known open-source solution Squid v3.1 as the content engine.

WCCP version2 is deployed in the lab.



WCCP enables the router to transparently intercept client traffic destined to Internet and redirect it to a local content engine. Client browsers doesn’t point to the content engine as proxy.

Cisco and the content engine communicate through unidirectional point-to-point tunnels (either layer2 or GRE ).

2-WCCPv2 Interception


The tunnel interfaces are automatically created in order to process outgoing GRE-encapsulated traffic for WCCP.
Short definitions of some related concepts:

Forward proxy Filter access to Internet and reduces BW related to Internet static resources like regular updates, big file downloads…
Reverse proxy Allows external users (ex: on Internet) to access internal servers. Generally supports…

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