php oauth curl request engine

How to enable php oauth with curl support.

cd/usr/include&& sudoln-s x86_64-linux-gnu/curl

 apt installphp-dev


 apt installphp7.4-dev

apt remove php-oauth php7.4-oauth

apt autoremove

update-alternatives --setphpize /usr/bin/phpize7.4

update-alternatives --setphpdbg /usr/bin/phpdbg7.4

update-alternatives --setphp-config /usr/bin/php-config7.4

pear config-setphp_ini `php7.4 --ini | grep"Loaded Configuration"| sed-e "s|.*:\s*||"` system

pecl installoauth

pecl uninstall oauth

pecl installoauth

printf"; priority=20\\n"> /etc/php/7.4/mods-available/oauth.ini

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