php oauth curl request engine

How to enable php oauth with curl support.

cd/usr/include&& sudoln-s x86_64-linux-gnu/curl

 apt installphp-dev


 apt installphp7.4-dev

apt remove php-oauth php7.4-oauth

apt autoremove

update-alternatives --setphpize /usr/bin/phpize7.4

update-alternatives --setphpdbg /usr/bin/phpdbg7.4

update-alternatives --setphp-config /usr/bin/php-config7.4

pear config-setphp_ini `php7.4 --ini | grep"Loaded Configuration"| sed-e "s|.*:\s*||"` system

pecl installoauth

pecl uninstall oauth

pecl installoauth

printf"; priority=20\\n"> /etc/php/7.4/mods-available/oauth.ini

The Solr *Optimize Now* Button for Sitecore Use Cases

Sitecore Architecture

If you’ve worked with Sitecore and Solr, you’re no stranger to the Solr Admin UI.  There are great aspects to that UI, and some exciting extension points with Sitecore implications too, but I know one element of that Solr UI that causes some head-scratching . . . the “optimize now” feature:


The inclusion of the badcauses people to think “something is wrong . . . red bad . . . must click now!”

What is this Optimize?

I’m writing this for the benefit of Sitecore developers who may not be coming at this from a deep search background: do not worry if your Solr cores show this badicon encouraging you to optimize now.  Fight that instinct.  For standard Sitecore Solr cores that are frequently updating, such as the sitecore_core_index, sitecore_master_index, sitecore_analytics_index, and — depending on your publishing strategy — sitecore_web_index, one may notice these…

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