How to increase disk size of Trend Micro IWSVA (InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance)


Trend Micro IWSVA is a web proxy that has lots of security feature such as antivirus, antimalware, but it is also a web filter, similar to WebSense Web Filter where URL categories can be blocked to protect the end users, and of course to avoid browsing non-productive web sites inside the company. However, if you download the VMware image, the disk image is quite small and could get full easily if your environment has lots of user and HTTP traffic to process, and of course, logs as well.

Below is a procedure to increase the disk size in a VMware vSphere environment.

1. Check first the partition disk size usage using the command: df -lh

The most common partition that becomes full is: /dev/mapper/IWSVA-app_data

2. Check the directory sizes that are mounted on /dev/mapper/IWSVA-app_data such as:

* /var
* /var/iwss/tmp/tmpfs
* /var/iwss/tmp/v_tmpfs

The most common directory inside /var that becomes…

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