Linux Login SSH Fingerprint

Some Person was login to your Linux VM? You have more than 10 people with a login to the System. In var/log/auth.log(Ubuntu) you see a fingerprint from ssh key.

cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys | xargs -n1 -I% bash -c ‘ssh-keygen -l -f /dev/stdin <<<“%”‘


2048 32:3s:32:91:a2:f5:1c:3c:25:6e:05:f2:25:24:5b:01 (RSA)
4096 32:3s:32:91:a2:f5:1c:3c:25:6e:05:f2:25:24:5b:02 (DSA)
2048 32:3s:32:91:a2:f5:1c:3c:25:6e:05:f2:25:24:5b:03 (RSA)
4096 32:3s:32:91:a2:f5:1c:3c:25:6e:05:f2:25:24:5b:04 (RSA


Now you become a list with all Fingerprints and Name of your login users.

Find it out which person have login to your system….

grep “32:3s:32:91:a2:f5:1c:3c:25:6e:05:f2:25:24:5b:03” /var/log/auth.log


Some Code Snipes found here

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