Replacing the IWSVA Admin Web Interface SSL Certificate


Since documentation on this by Trend Micro is pretty sparse and I’ve had to do this on a number of systems recently, I’ll document the process of replacing or adding a certificate for the IWSVA Admin Web Console with a new CA-signed one here.

Note: This documentation is NOT for replacing the IWSVA SSL-Inspection certificate, though similarities may exist.
I’ve done this successfully on IWSVA 5.6 and 6.5, the process should work without issues on IWSVA 6.0 as well.

The whole process of requesting/creating/converting the SSL certificate described here mainly involves openssl commands and can be done from the IWSVA root shell. I also generally recommend to create at least the certificate public/private key pair always on the system that will in the end host the certificate. This reduces the risk of getting the private key compromised when you create key pairs on a different system and then have to…

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